Australian Seeds Authority Ltd

Managing Quality, Standards & Training for Australian Agricultural Industries

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The Australian Seeds Authority (ASA) is a not-for-profit company. Jointly established in 2002 by Seed Industry representative organisations, and licensed by the Australian Government, ASA established, developed and manages Seed Certification in Australia. This is fully consistent with the OECD Schemes for the Varietal Certification and the Control of Seed Moving in International Trade.

Our objective for the Seed Industry is to provide unified International Level Quality Standards and Processes for the Australian Seeds Industry. This supports product standards and sales, and OECD International Regulation compliance. It has been developed and managed with affordable, minimal cost to industry, and reliable and verifiable results.

ASA has decided to expand our general approach to other industries. ASA does not and will not become a competitor to any Industry Participants. We do not want to become a Regulatory Agency imposing inflexible rules on anyone. Our approach is to provide a Quality Framework and Systems to implement it. This will be for voluntary use by Industry and its Customers, to meet emerging quality and product delivery needs. Its a completely independent product Quality verification framework.

ASA will remain a not for profit organisation supporting the operations of members and Australian Agricultural Industries.