OECD & Domestic Seeds Standards Rules & Audited Systems

The ASA Seed Certification Scheme is based on rigorous agreed standards. Delivery is through Accredited and Authorised Organisations and Companies (Agencies). Roles, Activities and Inspection requirements are defined. Performance of participants is reviewed consistently and regularly, with independent assessment where necessary. There is focus on efficiency and effectiveness.


ASA convenes work and advisory groups to develop/review all standards and key industry relevant QA processes. ASA maintains these standards. It supports industry representative groups for technical and planning advice. These arrangements are maintained by voluntary agreements with key industry participants. ASA is funded by payments based on the amount of seed finally certified under the system. Certification is valued for promoting sales and providing access under internationally recognised OECD seed trading requirements. Our certification Schemes is based on strict agreed standards.

Seed Certification Agencies / Businesses

Principal Certification activity is managed by Accredited Certification Agencies. Agencies develop, document and maintain their own certification processes and schemes. These schemes are fully consistent with the ASA Domestic and OECD Scheme requirements. Agency Schemes and Processes are independently reviewed (using NATA) for consistency and rigorous application. Agencies Authorise Processors, Inspectors and Samplers for delivery. Agencies maintain detailed records of overall scheme operation, audits and performance reviews and adjustments.


Using International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) accredited Laboratories, seed for certification is tested from authorised samples and the results incorporated into the Certification results.


Certified seed is processed through Agency Authorised (Processor) businesses who bag and label seed consistent with the Schemes requirements. Processors may be independent or specialised companies of large integrated enterprises covering the full range of seed production activities.


Growers produce seed crops using standards consistent methods for inclusion as Certified Seed.


Inspectors progressively review and document the various processes reporting back to Agencies ensuring proper scheme operation and Quality Assured Seed.

ASA does not “compete” with any part of the Seeds Industry. Our services complement your Business.